Develop Emotional Intelligence

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Learning how to develop and improve emotional intelligence can be a daunting task, yet it is an increasingly important skill.

Throughout the workshop, students will come to understand how to manage emotions to work more effectively with others and how to interpret emotional patterns, along with many other skills.

Specifically, the workshops will focus on reviewing the key skills of emotional intelligence. These skills being self-awareness, self-management, empathy, relationship management, and effective communication.

Class Schedule

Course CodeDayStart DateEnd DateTimeLocation
211EIAThuMar 18thMar 18th9:00am - 4:00pmZoom
211EIBThuApr 15thApr 15th9:00am - 4:00pmZoom
211EICThuMay 13thMay 13th9:00am - 4:00pmZoom
211EIDThuJun 24thJun 24th9:00am - 4:00pmZoom

Course Fees

Fees are inclusive of all materials.

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MSA Rewards$120.00
Full Fee$134.00

7 hours

Computer, Smartphone or Tablet with camera and microphone. Notepad and pen.